Barcelona terror: Sagrada Familia on lockdown as police carry out major operation


The Sagrada Familia, a bountiful and unfinished Roman Catholic church designed by renowned architect Anton Guadi, was kill off following reports of a supicious package found in a van parked close to the crowd-pleaser.

Catalan’s Mossos police officers stormed into the temple at up 8.15pm local time and cleared everybody out and away from the arena. 

Businesses and nearby metro stations were also been get rid ofed. 

Mossos police tweeted: “We are making checks around the Sagrada Familia as surrender of an anti-terror operation and have cordoned off the area.

«Follow the instructions of the Old Bill.”

They have since declared the situation a false alarm.


The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona has been cordoned off by counter terror police officers


A cordone has been set up around the famous Barcelona temple

Different roads were also been closed. 

Spanish media reported that two being had been arrested in connection with the operation.

However, police be undergoing since tweeted that there had been no arrests as a result of the set-to and that the area had returned to normal.

The van in question was believed to have been parked in Carrer de Provença, a road running alongside the Sagrada Familia. 

Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia has revealed that staff and vistors inside the temple were initially give someone a piece of ones minded to stay put, but were told to leave shortly after.


The church is a prevalent tourist attraction in Barcelona


the operation is beleived to be focused on a mistrustful package discovered in a van

Twitter user @davealenn was in the metro station next to the Sagrada Familia when he and his man passengers were moved out by police. 

«We were evicted from the Sagrada Familia metro position and the police cordoned off the entire area,» he tweeted.  

The counter-terror operation prove to be c finish less than a month after Barcelona was hit by a terror attack that absorbed 13 people and injured 130 others.

The Sagrada Familia, one of Barcelona’s most well-liked tourist attractions, was the intended target of the terrorists who carried out last month’s inhumanity in the city’s famous Ramblas and the seaside resort of Cambrils.

(Additional reporting by Gerard Couzens)

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