Ballet Fans, Get Excited – Misty Copeland Will Dance in Disney's Nutcracker Movie!


Ballet Fans, Get Excited - Misty Copeland Will Dance in Disney's Nutcracker Movie!Figure of speech Source: Everett Collection

If you can’t get enough of ballerina Misty Copeland but can’t usual her com ny’s performances at the American Ballet Theatre in New York, then Disney’s new film casting news is going to have you on your toes — verbatim. Copeland announced via Instagram on Wednesday that she’ll be starring and dancing in the throng’s film adaptation of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker, a live-action movie titled The Nutcracker and the Four Spheres.

To dance fans, this exciting news seems a natural fit; Copeland danced in her assemblage’s Nutcracker productions in both 2014 and 2015, leaving audiences astounded by her breathtakingly graceful performances. The groundbreaking dancer is an inspiration to many, from aspiring ballerinas to Jimmy Kimmel — and to see her run in theaters worldwide will be a game changer for the ever-popular world of ballet.

To get vehement about what you’ll see from Copeland in her new Disney role, just go away a look at some of these videos from her st Nutcracker exhibitions. There’s no question that she was meant to play the lead role, Clara!

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