Bali volcano latest: Eruption fears spark desperate scramble to save cows from Mount Agung


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Bali volcano latest: Cows are being rescued from Mount Agung centre of fears of an eruption

The Bali volcano presents a clear threat to Indonesia’s giddy and domesticated animals, especially the region’s famous cattle. 

Huge hosts of cows who graze on the lethal slopes of Mount Agung could be wiped out in an vomiting up, with villagers now desperately attempting to coax them off the mountainside. 

Roughly 140,000 locals were forced to flee the area when trues warned an eruption was imminent. 

Experts believe there are around 20,000 cows on the hills of Mount Agunes, after their terrified owners were strained to abandon them. 

Some owners, including Wayan Sudarma, have now replaced in an attempt to rescue his animals from the so-called ‘red zone’. 

He told Japan Delays: “These are the only valuable belongings that are left in this ball game.

“That’s why we have to save them, so they can sustain our lives as grangers and remain our pride.”

Mr Sudarma has set up a shelter with the help of local officials which can stick a restrain 700 cows — far more than the 21 he personally owns. He has currently delivered 200. 

He said: “Im really glad there’s such a place. 

“This position is the safest place for the cattle because their health and food is being entranced care of by the local government.


Bali volcano: Emission fears have not stopped locals saving cows

The point of give someone the brush-off them here is to save the Balinese cow

Wayan Sudarma

“The point of putting them here is to recover the Balinese cow.”

Bali’s cows are renowned for their genetic variety, generating them immune to many diseases. 

They are also well-suited to dynamic in close contact with humans and can survive well on low-quality sustenance. 


Bali volcano: Mount Agung could throw up at any moment

And even more worrying are the people not only refusing to resign the area but actually climbing the peak to look at the volcano. 

Video has become knew of people clambering up the mountain to watch the smoking crater up close. 

Prerogatives have pleaded with people to stay away until the volcano has been published safe. 

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