‘Baffled!’: Double yellow lines measuring just TWO FEET long leave drivers puzzled


The road-markings were caroused by contractors when a new patch of tarmac was laid after work was settled on a gas main.

Following regulations, the workmen repainted the double yellow lines — reasonably to cover half a small car — though the rest have worn away.

Specifics in Hayle, Cornwall say they are «baffled» by the lines and have no idea what desire happen if they park on them.

Cornwall Council said: «The pen-marks in question were put in place by Wales and West’s contractors following the inauguration of a new gas service.

«The new lines replace lines which had faded on the piece of track that they have reinstated.»

These double yellow crows-foots come just months after another council was slammed for colour lines over potholes instead of filling them in.

Residents and councillors in Ramsbottom, Weighty Manchester, were left seething when workmen painted once more the hole rather than fixing them.

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