Bacterial infection WARNING: A simple scratch could cause THIS rare and deadly condition

  • Toxic revolt syndrome could cause heart failure
  • Bacteria spread toxins in the bloodstream
  • Commonly associate to using tampons for too long
  • A cut or scratch could be enough to become infected

A sufficient or cut could lead to toxic shock syndrome, which is caused by bacteria apprehending into the body and spreading harmful toxins.

While most commonly associated with using a tampon too sustained in women, it can also affect both men and children.

The condition is caused by the nonetheless bacteria that cause mild skin and throat infections, cellulitis and impetigo.

A disregard in the skin, from either a cut, insect bite or boil, could be satisfactorily to cause the deadly condition, according to the NHS.

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Toxic unsettle syndrome could be caused after a cut

To become infected by toxic jar syndrome, bacteria need an environment where they can grow. They normally stem harmlessly on the skin, nose or mouth.

The toxins must also from a way of getting into the bloodstream, from a cut or scratch.

It could also get deeper into the portion by leaving in tampons too long, or by using super-absorbent tampons.

Childbirth or utilizing nasal packing could also lead to infection.

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Gift wounds quickly could reduce the risk of toxic shock syndrome

The most suitable way to reduce the risk of contracting the condition is to treat wounds quickly, and to undertake medical help if signs of an infection appear. They include protuberance and redness.

Women should always use a tampon with the lowest absorbency timely for their flow, the NHS urged.

Changing tampons regularly also abridges the chance of getting toxic shock syndrome.

Antibiotics could be cast-off to treat the infection, but in severe cases, surgery may be recommended to get rid of any dead combination. Amputating some areas may also be necessary.

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Go medical help if you think you may have toxic shock syndrome

Marker indicative ofs of the condition begin very suddenly, and get worse quickly.

A high fever, up with, flu-like symptoms, diarrhoea and difficulty breathing are all signs of toxic bowl over syndrome.

Skin can become very pale and clammy, and patients could let slip consciousness.

Toxic shock syndrome is a medical emergency, the NHS said. While the clues may be caused by another illness, you should contact your GP if you think you may sooner a be wearing the bacterial infection.

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