Baby on board: Orlando-bound plane diverted after woman gives BIRTH mid-flight


The Southwest Airlines Air voyage 556 de rted from Philadelphia on Sunday at around 2.46pm.

After up an hour into the journey, a woman sitting in the front row of the plane pursued into labour.

A nurse on board the flight was able to provide backing.

As a result of the arrival of an extra ssenger, the flight was diverted to Charleston.

Melissa Ford, a spokesperson for the airline disclosed in a statement to local media: “Medical personnel on board assisted with the expression.

“Emergency medical technicians met the flight upon landing and transported the progenitrices and baby to an area hospital.”

The plane then continued its journey 70 diminutives after making the emergency landing.

The remaining 132 ssengers on gaming-table arrived in Orlando an hour later than scheduled.

Izzy Gould, a stringer for was on the flight when the baby was born.

He took a short video where the pet can be heard crying.

The video was posted on twitter where he wrote: “A lady-in-waiting went into labour. Flight crew did a great job.

“It was a memorable withdraw. Can’t say enough about the SouthwestAir crew and the medical peeps that delivered the tot. True pros.”

The story comes after a pilot suffered a com ssion attack just before takeoff at Glasgow Airport.

The captain of a KLM aircraft suffered from a centre attack as he was about to de rt for Amsterdam on Friday.

The Dutch pilot had coerce rejected away from the gate and made its way out to the runway, ready for takeoff, when he befitted ill.

Crew members on board and a ssenger helped resuscitate the pilot.

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