Australia to review space industry capabilities


The Australian Authority intends to review its space industry capabilities and develop a long-term envision to enhance the sector.

The results of the review could see the creation of Australia’s own spaciousness agency, reported

To be led by an Expert Reference Group (ERG), chaired by Commonwealth Meticulous and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) former chief executive Dr Megan Clark, the study will seek to ensure right framework and incentives for the country’s organize industry to participate in the global market.

“This review is timely, preordained the current pace of change in the international space sector and advances in technologies that yield an environment that encourages commercial investment in space activities.”

The parade will also consult and examine Australia’s current capability and comparative help areas, as well as its regional and international collaboration within the space sector.

It force also consider how the space industry will be able to collaborate with other sectors and the administration priorities.

Australian Industry Minister Arthur Sinodinos said: “I credence in that Australia can participate in the global space sector and through the occurrence of the technical capability and knowledge required for this demanding sector, we longing develop skills to grow other advanced manufacturing industries in Australia.

“This evaluate is timely, given the current pace of change in the international space sector and lends in technologies that provide an environment that encourages commercial investment in berth activities.”

The proposed review builds on Australia’s current Satellite Utilisation Behaviour (2013) and the findings from the recently completed review of the Space Interests Act 1998.

This review will begin with the first meeting of the Dab hand Reference Group on 20 July and will be completed by the end of next Strut.

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