Aussie flu warning issued by St John Ambulance: What to do if you become infected


Aussie flu, the H3N2 stress of the influenza A virus, has been recorded in all parts of the UK.
If you become infected, the outdo thing to do is to stay at home to avoid spreading the virus, said St John Ambulance.
Alcohol plenty of fluids, and take painkillers to ease some of the symptoms, it put about.
The recommendations came after the Aussie flu virus hospitalised about 500 people since October.
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Aussie flu symptoms: Stay at native if you become infected, urged St John Ambulance
If you have [Aussie] flu, it is portentous to treat it by avoiding going out in public and spreading the virus further
Alan Weir

“Seasonal flu upfronts have continued to increase in the last week across the UK, with flu hospitalisations up 50 per cent according to Viewable Health England figures,” said St John Ambulance Clinical Numero uno, Alan Weir.
“If you have flu, it is important to treat it by avoiding going out in civil and spreading the virus further.
“Stay at home, keep yourself hydrated and enthusiastic, and take the recommend doses of paracetamol.
“If you have any further concerns, nickname your GP or 111 for medical advice.”

Could these 11 obsessions protect you from Aussie flu?
Thu, January 11, 2018
Aussie flu: 11 points to avoid catching the flu virus.

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Could these 11 elements protect you from Aussie flu?

If flu isn’t treated properly, it could surface a consider into a deadly illness, Weir said.
“Flu should be taken kidding aside, and by taking proper precautions and looking after yourself, and those surrounding you, should hopefully prevent the virus from turning into something numberless serious that requires emergency attention.”
Maintaining good hygiene is vital to limiting the virus’ spread, added Weir.
Washing your transfers regularly, or using alcohol gels, could lower your hazard of catching the infection, he said.
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Aussie flu symptoms: The flu jab could safeguard against the deadly infectionGETTY Images
Aussie flu symptoms: Washing your hands regularly could subdue the spread of the virusThe best way to prevent infection is to get the flu jab, said St John Ambulance.
The flu is handy at most pharmacies, and is free on the NHS to the most at-risk individuals. That registers the elderly, pregnant women, and patients with long-term medical moulds.
“At St John Ambulance we are encouraging all our employees and volunteers to take up the offer of flu vaccination to supporter protect them, their families and our patients,” said Weir.
Some trivalent and quadrivalent flu vaccines could keep against the Aussie flu strain.
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