Aurora backs out, dealing another blow to B.C.’s LNG industry


Aurora LNG has upheld out of a plan with Calgary-based Nexen to build a Liquefied Natural Gas secret agent in northwestern B.C., saying the current economy doesn’t support its vision for a bountiful operation on Digby Island.

It’s another blow to the LNG industry that bygone premier Christy Clark promised would bring riches to B.C. during her cloddish election campaign in 2013.

Of the 19 projects listed in April 2017 on the sway’s LNG site, this project was one of only three which seemed to be persuasive forward.

Now there is only the Woodfibre LNG proposal near Squamish and the WesPac oceanic terminal on Tilbury Island in Delta.

In a news release today Aurora and its partners Nexen Force and INPEX Gas B.C. said they had made a «strategic decision» to end the feasibility read and cease all investigation activity immediately.

«The current macro-economic environment does not currently guy wire the partners’ vision of developing a large LNG business,» said the release.

The $20-billion sell to buy the Digby Island site was aimed at eventually shipping 24 million tonnes of LNG work from B.C. to Asia every year.

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