AURAK and UAE Space Agency sign research and development deal


American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) has invaded a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the UAE Space Agency, in order to collaborate in hiatus science, education, research, technology and applications.

As part of the MoU, both bands will share their knowledge and carry out research with an aim to intensify the UAE’s space sector.

The UAE Space Agency’s satellite programme will also be habituated to to observe impacts of various environmental phenomena occurring in the country.

“This support with the UAE Space Agency represents a significant opportunity for mutual sake, which will ultimately strengthen our nation’s role in the space sector.»

AURAK professor Hassan Hamdan Al Alkim prognosticated: “This cooperation with the UAE Space Agency represents a significant moment for mutual benefit, which will ultimately strengthen our nation’s task in the space sector.

“Furthermore, signing a memorandum of understanding with such a noted entity underlines the quality of the research going on at AURAK, through our Ras Al Khaimah Analyse and Innovation Center, as well as our ICT Center for Teaching and Creativity in Informatics Communication and Networking.”

The newly traced deal is also expected to help AURAK’s ten undergraduate programmes and a wizard’s programme.

UAE Space Agency chairman Dr Khalifa Al Romaithi said: “This concurrence is in line with the foremost goals of the UAE Space Agency.

“By collaborating with lettered institutions within the UAE we will be supporting the space sector, promoting thorough research and innovation, and directly engaging with students in order to spark off them to think about space, technology, and their role in construction the future of our country.”

The agency is also currently involved in supporting the incident and use of space science and technology in the country.

Image: Deal signing between AURAK and UAE Span Agency. Photo: courtesy of AURAK.

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