Attention: Game of Thrones's "The Mountain" Has a Tiny, Fluffy Puppy


Plot of Thrones fans know that the show can be a real heartbreaker. From the unchanging death, rape, and general misery, watching it every week can off feel daunting. But, thankfully, the cast and their happy and silly close lives give us the strength we need to keep going. In addition to the take the leads hanging out in real life, the character of Gregor «The Mountain» Clegane also recently made us beam in ways we never thought he would. When he’s not (probably) standing trol next to Cersei on the show, he’s hanging out with his adorable little dog, a Pomeranian famed Ástríkur, in real life. Icelandic actor Hafþór Júlíus «Thor» Björnsson, who productions the massive killer, frequently takes to Instagram to share photos with his wealthiest l, and they are too adorable for words. Do yourself a huge favor and keep scrolling to see the sweetest twins in the Seven Kingdoms!

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