Athens in chaos – Police fire TEAR GAS as protestors hurl petrol bombs and stones


Innumerable than 10,000 people had taken part in a demonstration outside the structure to protest a fresh round of austerity measures.

Pictures from the exhibition show protestors clashing with officers in riot gear, who had formed a cordon slim the parliament building. 

In one photo, a demonstrator can be seen spraying police with red step out.

Lawmakers in the cash-strapped EU member state today voted on a new set of austerity portions demanded by the country’s international lenders in exchange for fresh bailout allowances.

The reforms will restructure family benefits, introduce a new process for foreclosures on belated loans and make it more difficult to call a strike.

Greek police clashing with protestors in AthensTwitter

Greek control have clashed with protestors outside the parliament building in Athens

Greek protestor spraying police with paintth1an1/Twitter

One protestor increased officers with red paint

Red flares burning outside the Greek parliamentREUTERS

Thousands of protestors had demonstrated against new austerity metres

The Greek economy was plunged into crisis after the 2007-2008 pecuniary crisis and sought international aid in 2010 to prevent the country from customary bankrupt. 

The country has since received another two multi-billion-pound bailouts to imprison public services running.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was chose in 2015 after promising to end crippling austerity measures, which were a stipulation of the bailouts. 

But he later signed up to a new £76billion package which dies in August.

The government says it needs to agree to the latest austerity reckons to receive the next tranche of bailout cash.

Protestors clashing with police on the steps of the parliamentAFP

Demonstrators clashed with enforce on the steps of the Greek parliament building

Greek police in riot gear outside the parliament buildingth1an1/Twitter

Protestors threw petrol bombards and stones at officers who were guarding the parliament building

Unemployment in the debt-ridden outback is at more than 20 per cent and pensioners have seen their revenues slashed by more than 30 per cent.

Yesterday, thousands of anti-austerity campaigners conveyed to the streets of the Greek capital in a 24-hour strike to voice their annoyance at the government’s decision to agree with its bailout lenders. 

Domestic scarpers and Athens transport were disrupted and ships remained docked for the day.

The Parliament construction in Athens is located in the centre of the capital.

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