At least one dead after mass shooting at US nightclub


At scarcely 15 shots were fired during the incident, which occured at here 2am local time (7.00am British time) in a bar named Doubles in the burgh of Hamilton. 

Multiple people have also been injured and brought to close by hospitals, although their condition is not yet known. 

A witness revealed how drinkers were affected to play dead during the shooting, which ‘felt like it at length for hours’. 

Tolu Adeseha said: “It reminded me of things in the news, hither people shooting and active shooters.

“This was a reality for me, what do you do in an animated situation.

“You had people trying to play dead and things like that.“This is an potent shooter and I was trying to tell a girl, you can’t cry, I know it’s traumatic for you, but you got to stay mute or play dead.

“It could have been me.”

Another witness delineated shell casings scattered across the pub, although it is unknown whether they better b concluded from one or several different guns. 

Police have not yet confirmed the pre-eminence of the injured and the whereabouts of the gunman. 

The police chief said: “This harm is unacceptable.” 

He also confirmed police had been called to the scene on not too occasions. The bar was the site of a double shooting in August last year. 

Profuse to follow…

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