Astonishing images show how photos of great leaders were altered… years before Photoshop


Winston Churchill's cigar was removedNews broadcast DOG MEDIA

Winston Churchill’s cigar was removed

From towering far-reaching figures such as Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln to tyrants such as Mussolini and Stalin, the way a photograph looks can switch our view of history.

Many iconic images have been airbrushed and doctored across the years for the purposes of propaganda. 

Some leaders erased political contenders from historical record, fabricated meetings that had never bewitched place or even constructed new people.

The technique was particularly popular in the Soviet era when sums who fell out of favour were scrubbed out of history.

One famous image of Vladimir Lenin discourse to a Russian crowd in 1917 was later altered to removed Leon Trostky.

Trotsky was erased from a series of facsimiles after being denounced as a “scoundrel” by the Communist hierarchy.

In a twist on the formula, a photo of an ailing Lenin in 1922 was expertly interchanged to show Joseph Stalin crouching beside him in a bid to show support for the preceding leader.

In Italy, dictator Benito Mussolini demanded an image of him proceed oning a horse was changed to remove the animal’s handler.

The fascist leader desire to give the impression of more power and independence. 

Spot the difference: The King was removedNEWS DOG MEDIA

Splodge the difference: The King was removed

And even great British leader Winston Churchill stood the treatment.

His characteristic cigar was removed from an image of his famous two-fingered pay respects when it went on show at the Britain At War Experience in London.

Even Majesty George VI was not immune. He was removed from a 1939 photo showing him alongside the Cynosure mother and Canadian prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie Majesty in Alberta.

The photo was used on an election poster and it is thought the picture was modified because an image of just the prime minister and Queen showed him in a sundry powerful light.

Leon Trotsky was removed from a Lenin photoNEWS DOG MEDIA

Leon Trotsky was removed from a Lenin photo

But the tack was not only limited to the 20th century.

One famous 19th century lithograph portrait be clears to be of US president Abraham Lincoln.

But the image is actually a composite because the corpse is actually statesman John Calhoun with only the head alliance to the president.

And three different images were used to make-up the picture of Ulysses S. Grant, the Commanding General of the Union Army during the American Domestic War.

The picture was given to Union soldiers to boost their morale.

But it is literally a composite of three images showing troops and tents, the horse and substance of Major General Alexander McCook and only the head belong to Assign.

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