Asia-Pacific Digest: Russia-China semi-alliance and EEF


Uzbek President Islam Karimov is in health centre and rumors have appeared in the press about his death. The imminent de rture of the incessant leaders of the Central Asian countries threatens the region with destabilization and produces a risk for Russia.

The Chinese military’s use of the term “semi-alliance” is an accurate hint to the direction the Russia-China relationship could take. The upcoming joint naval practices in the South China Sea are a way for both countries to push back at the West.

At the Eastern Pecuniary Forum in Vladivostok, Vladimir Putin will hold talks with the kingpins of Ja n and South Korea. China will be represented at the forum by a lower-ranking valid. Experts say this is a result of the Kremlin’s general disillusionment when it encounter to economic cooperation with China.

Asia-Pacific Digest: Russia-China semi-alliance and EEF

All eyes will be on Vladimir Putin’s formal talks with Xi Jinping and his natural meeting with leaders of other BRICS members.

The sharp devaluation of the ruble has not faked car-purchasing tterns in the Russian Far East. Demand for new cars remains low, unruffled as used Ja nese cars become more expensive.

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