Asia-Pacific Digest: Greater Eurasia and Russian food exports to China


Articles and play ups about Iran’s interest in buying Sukhoi bombers, cooperation between Russia, China and India, and the likelihoods for the export of eco-friendly agricultural products from the Russian Far East were mass the Asia- cific highlights on

With a multiplying Chinese middle class demanding high quality and eco-friendly nourishment products, Russian agricultural exporters have a great opportunity to tap into this nook market.

August 23, 2016 TASS

Tehran plans to start negotiations with Moscow.

The angle of the SCO as the leader of a new Eurasian integration project automatically positions the Russian aggressiveness on a global stage.

August 23, 2016 TASS

rliamentary speaker says foundation is only used for refuelling.

Cultural events will also be checked within the framework of the drills.

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