ARRESTED: Suspect hands himself into police after 13 killed in horror Barcelona attack


Barcelona attack: Police are hunting one manIG

Barcelona vilification: Police are hunting one man following the van crash

According to Spanish newspaper El Pais, supervise have arrested 28-year-old Driss Oukabir, who lives in the town of Ripoll, in Gerona.

Barcelona’s Tv3 report in investigates that the Spanish passport of a person of Moroccan origin was found at the area of the attack. 

El Nacional reported that Oukabir has presented himself at a Catalan policewomen station in Ripoll to deny having any involvement in this afternoon’s revile.

He claims his ID was stolen and used by the terrorists to rent one of the vans used for the raid.

Local sources, confirmed by the town’s mayor, Jordi Munell, prepare said that the young man, who lives in Ripoll, attended the police class to deny any involvement in the events


The suspect was in prison until 2012

Oukabir is contemplation to have rented one of the vans used in today’s deadly attack, Spanish protect say.

The young man, who was born in Morocco in 1989 according to OkDiaro, allegedly gashed the van in the town of Santa Perpetua de la Mogada.


He arrived again from Morocco on Sunday, father previously been in Madrid earlier in the year.

Barcelona attack: Police hunting this manFACEBOOK

Police press released an image of a man identified as Driss Oukabir

Spanish prime Holy Joe Mariano Rajoy tweeted: “The terrorists will never defeat a pooled people who love liberty over barbarity. All of Spain is with the suckers and families.

“I am heading to Barcelona. Maximum coordination to arrest the attackers, fortify security and attend to those affected.”

Spanish TV station TVE said it was not plain if Oukabir was among the attackers.

The information comes after a white van mounted the pavement of Las Ramblas, the prime tourist area in the city, and struck several people- leaving at pygmy 12 dead and more than 80 injured.

It came to a close down at the entrance to the Liceu metro station, where the attackers escaped and ran off into the high roads.

Two armed men have since entered a Turkish restaurant . Initial studies suggested they were holding hostages but polcie say this is not the state.

Shocking photos posted on social media teaches several people being treated on the ground by paramedics after documents said a group were struck while crossing the street.

Gunshots would rather also been reported near the food market of La Boqueria, which is a outstanding tourist attraction. 

At leats 50 people have been outrage, according to Barcelona police on Twitter and at least 13 people are credence ined to have been killed. 

Police say they are looking for a man of 5ft 5ins (1.7m) in top, wearing a white shirt with blue stripes.

Two people suffer with been arrested, but their identity is unknown

Barcelona attack: Driss OukabirFACEBOOK

Driss Oukabir, is put ones trust ined to have rented the van used in the attack

Unconfirmed local reports make one thought an attacker had been shot by police on the outskirts of the city.

Police also implied a driver had run over two police officers in a town north of the city, but it was not get out if this was related to the attack.

The Islamic State terror group has claimed accountability.

The van used in atrocity is said to be a Fiat, that was hired from an accost in Santa Perpetua Of the Mogoda about five miles north of the big apple.

El Pais has identified a man who the Civil Guard says is responsible. A Facebook account states he is from Marseilles and lives in Ripoll, Catalonia, about 50 miles north of Barcelona.

Safe keeping forces have found a second van connected to the attack in the town of Vic, 40 miles from Barcelona, 10 miles south of Ripoll, according to oversee sources.

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