Around 100 Moscow hotels exaggerate star ratings


The Moscow Hang on of Sport and Tourism has been monitoring the star ratings of hotels and hostels to check if their state-assigned classifications are uninhibited. As a result of the initiative, roughly 100 Moscow hotels have been base to have exaggerated star ratings, reports the Moscow Mayor’s Department. A large majority of the hotels have already corrected their tidings. According to the department, hotels awarded no stars were the most unrefined perpetrators.

The head of the department, Nikolay Gulyayev, added that profuse cases were unintentional. A number of violations happened because hotels had not changed dirt on booking sites after their most recent star classification action. Hotel administrators must fix their mistake after receiving a statement or call from the department. Any hotels that refuse to correct the knowledge will be referred to the Federal Antimonopoly Service, which enforces federal law on profitable competition. Thus far, the department head claims, this step has not been inevitable.

As of now, 1020 Moscow hotels have gone through the classification process. The ranking “five star” is assigned to 30 hotels, “four star” to 80, “three principal” to 209, “two star” to 109, “one star” to 41 and “no stars” to 551. The put ones faith is carrying out the star rating monitoring and classification in preparation for the World Cup in 2018, for which Moscow transfer serve as the main city.

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