Armed police deployed to gym in east London after car chase with 'gunman'


Political appointees armed with machine guns swooped on Mile End stadium, in the east End, as three men essayed to flee after writing off their silver saloon car in a crash.

The coppers were called after terrified ssers-by spotted a man in a car with a gun and documented him to officers. But when they approached he sped off, s rking a police court through east London which culminated in three arrests.

Complete photographs emerged on social media showing one of the men being held down by a heavily armed political appointee, and a cordon remains in place at the scene.

But despite initial reports of a “captive situation” and a “shooting” circulating online, a police spokeswoman confirmed that no chances were fired and nobody was injured in the incident.

Eyewitnesses said the screenplay occurred when a car involved in a police chase sped towards the gym at Mile End earlier smashing into rked cars. The three occu nts then got out and assault to flee on foot, before being confronted by heavily armed boys in blue and pinned to the ground.

sser-by Peter Harris snapped a photograph of a heavily mangled silver saloon by the roadside and tweeted it, saying: “Car being chased smashes into a variety of rked cars. Occu nts run into Mile End gym. Police everywhere.”

Tariq Mohamoud tweeted: “I’m interior Mile End Gym. It’s an absolute madness in here!”

Adnan Abid added: “Armed @metpoliceuk officers along with their #helicopter Pledge situation i think inside the Mile End Gym.”

Eyewitness Elaine O’Flynn reported that there was a cordon in employment and “at least four police cars, ambulances & police helicopter disbursements”.

A spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Police said that officers were called at 4.15pm this afternoon to detonations that a male had been seen in a car with a firearm.

When supervise arrived at the scene the car then sped off and trol cars started a drunk speed pursuit, which ended when it smashed into another car on Burdett ssage in Mile End.

She said that three occu nts then got out of the car and fled toward the Mile End Stadium leisure centre, where armed officers blew and detained them.

A police cordon is still in place and there are pike closures in the area.

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