Armed detectives rescue gangland target hiding in bush


Concording to reports in the Irish Daily Star, the incident occurred just two days after Christmas in the Artane precinct of north Dublin.

Officers from Clontarf Garda Station hurried to the aid of a man who said he was hiding in a bush having just escaped from a billet after two men called to his door on the 27th of December.

The individual, who has links to Northside medicate kingpin Mr Big, escaped through the back door of the house, before wince over a wall and hiding in a bush where he phone the gardai to let loose him. 

According to sources one of the men had a handgun.

When gardai arrived on the scene the sole concerned refused to make an official complaint.

According to reports in the Celeb, the men who called to the house were searching for two different targets who have turn out to be inadequate out with Mr Big in recent weeks.

A source told the Star: “Both of the surmised targets are known to gardai – one is a particularly nasty character.

“Two men called to the chattels but there was only one person there.

“He told gardai that he considering one of the men had a handgun but said he wasn’t 100 per cent sure.

“He didn’t suspended about to find out though, he bolted out the back and hid.

“The talk is that he acquainted with to do a bit of work for Mr Big, but they have fallen out recently,” claimed the source.

Mr Big is believed to be one of the biggest upper traffickers living in Ireland.

In recent weeks is has been revealed that Mr Big has been terrorising a offspring over a schoolyard tiff, read the report here.

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