Are you at risk? Here’s why lung cancer has skyrocketed among non-smokers


The slews of people dying from the disease who have never smoked intent overtake deaths from smoking-related lung cancer within a decade, check out suggests.

It’s prompted the UK’s largest cancer surgery centre to issue a sign that there must be change in order to beat it.

Lung cancer is lushed as the deadliest type of cancer. Only one in 20 patients survive the cancer for more than ten years.

Each year, in the UK, there are 46,400 new situations and 36,000 associated deaths.

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The number of people dying from the ailment who have never smoked has gone up

In the past, cancer researchers linked the illness to smoking, as nine out of ten deceases are caused by the disease.

But researchers are keen to expand public understanding of what else can generate the cancer — as smoking rates fall to an all time low.

Instead, surgeons at the Imposing Brompton hospital and Harefield NHS Trust in London have been doing a growing number of surgeries on non-smokers.

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Each year, there are 46,400 new states and 36,000 associated deaths from lung cancer in the UK

Eric Lim, a specialist thoracic surgeon said that he had found a casual link between lung cancer in non-smokers.

He saw a obstruction start in the number of patients that he treated who had never smoked.

The number of lung cancer patients that were non-smokers that he cured between 2008 and 2014 treated  remained constant at 310 a year. In any way, the number who had never smoked jumped from 13 to 28 percent.

According to Cancer Explore UK, there are at least 3,500 cases of lung cancer each year.

The Majestic Brompton group plans to probe the causes of lung cancer next year.

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