Are Victorian diseases coming back? Doctors alarmed by rise in deadly illnesses


Perverse to what some may believe, the likes of scarlet fever and whoping cough are far from eradicated.

Vigorousness experts advise the likes of whooping cough, gout and scurvy are even now circulating.

Cases of scarlet fever have risen by 136 per cent in England all over the st five years alone with more than 17,000 wrappers confirmed last year.

Public Health England (PHE) have rest that scarlet fever outbreaks peak every four years, but the craze doesn’t explain the current outbreak.

Symptoms of the deadly disease subsume fever, sore throat, headache, and a pink sand pery rash.

The enthusiastically contagious fever is ssed on by coughing, skin-to-skin contact, sneezing, and leak out into contact with infected objects such as pillowcases or towels.

And scarlet fever isn’t the only ‘old-fashioned’ ailment on the rise.

Tuberculosis, which claimed the lives of many novelists and versifiers from the Victorian era, is also making its way back up the list.

Emeritus professor of virology at University of London asserted Mail Online: “I think there is a general sense in this realm that infectious diseases that were rife in the st deceive been completely eradicated.

He continued: “In fact, they have not till hell freezes over been defeated, with the exception of smallpox. The rest could definitively get a foothold again.”

Health experts advise people remain extraordinarily vigilant when it comes to monitoring their health.

If you experience any unexplained specific ti or have struggled to stay on top of your health this winter, pursue counsel from your medical professional.

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