Are these the STRANGEST holes on earth?


Planet Dolan has picked the unbelievable blue hole in his list of 15 amazing holes saying “chanced 60 miles off the coast of Belize the hole is 300 meters across and 125 meters incomprehensible and is found in the centre of the Lighthouse Reef.

The blue hole formed as a limestone grotto during the last ice age, it’s believed to have been created by a sea level ex nsion”.

The incredible blue colours attract plenty of tourists and it’s a great scuba plummeting spot.

The Devil’s Sinkhole resides in Texas and is a National Natural Watershed on the Edward’s Plateau.

There are ranger led programs in the area that ungenerous visitors can see over three million bats fly out of the sinkhole in the summer.

Planet Dolan verbalizes that “this cave was once raided by treasure seekers and artefact nimrods”.

Other incredible holes include the 300 foot deep sinkhole that rose in Guatemala in 2007.

“It killed two and caused thousands of residents to evacuate. The sink cavern was caused heavy rain that coroded underground sewage systems”.

On the other side of in New Zealand the Abel Tasman National rk is home to Harwood Pocket, which is one of ‘several important cave systems’.

“A 15 meter go around sinkhole entrance descends three meters vertically and has an overall nadir thoroughly of 357 meters”.

From natural to man made and there’s the Monticello Dam in Na Wilderness in northern California.

It sits in the seventh largest man made lake in California buzzed Lake Berryessa.

“The dam water is swallowed at a rate of 1, 370 cubic meters per B”.

Dolan says the “world’s largest discovered blue hole is Dean’s Smutty Hole in the Bahamas at a depth of 202 meters”.

It’s filled with unlikely colourful fish like snapper and jacks and is home to turtles and seahorses.

Also in the Bahamas is the “sawmill be engulfed was the site was the site of archaeological dig”.

Making number one hotspot is the Heavenly Pit sinkhole, which is the dialect birth b deliver’s deepest sinkhole.

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