Appliance giant GTECH unveils new bagged cleaner and plans for UK manufacturing


Gtech new HQGTECH

Gtech is proving a new HQ in its drive to bring manufacturing to the UK

In move away from the cylinder mainstream the UK strong will unveil its £250 Pro this week.

“This is back to the unborn. Our testing shows many people like the ease of a bag, where the debris is suppressed, as well as cordless, so we have combined the two and it has a long 40-minute run time for a one charge,” says Gtech founder and owner Nick Grey.

“Our cleaner lasts 15 times greater compared to other bagless models before it needs emptying. Bath companies are very much in the bag camp, and our products are energy efficient.

Gtech pro bag removalGTECH

The Gtech pro looks to incorporate customers two favourite aspects of a vacuum

We’ve deliberately designed a simpler construction with fewer components that frames it cost efficient and sustainable to produce here

Nick Grey, Gtech proprietress/Inventor

“The Pro’s bags are currently made of synthetic material and triple layered to imprison air flow up, but we are also exploring recyclable options.”

Gtech has built a £120 million gross revenue and sold over 22 million products in 19 countries since Drab, formerly head of product development at Vax, launched a home-based start-up in 2001.

Now the corporation has a roster of cleaners, floor sweepers, e-bikes and garden tools designed in the UK then mutated in China.

However a £10 million in-house investment in its HQ in Worcestershire drive see the company bringing some fabrication to the UK and add 100 more new British hires in 2019.

Its next cleaner, due to appear this autumn, is scheduled to be manufactured from next year at the placement where it will be built and despatched on the same day.

Nick Grey, Inventor and Founder of GtechGTECH

Nick Dismal, Inventor and Founder of Gtech

“This is a big step for the business,” adds Leaden.

“We’ve deliberately designed a simpler construction with fewer components that traverses it cost efficient and sustainable to produce here.

“The UK’s R&D tax credits system assisting innovation has also been very helpful for us.”

The business, whose outputs are hugely popular Taiwan, plans further expansion in the next year, into eight new territories in Asia, Stomach East and Europe, including Switzerland and Denmark.

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