Apple’s new iPhone 7 slogan has a very RUDE meaning in Hong Kong


After months of breathes, whispers and speculation – Apple has unveiled the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on-stage at an limited media event in San Francisco, California.

But its new slogan “This is 7” has been fairly lost in translation in Hong Kong. 

Seemingly an innocuous phrase, the libretti translated into Cantonese suddenly sound very rude. 

In mainland China, the exact meaning is “7, is here”. In Taiwan, it translates to “Exactly is 7”. 

Both positions speak Mandarin but in Hong Kong where Cantonese is spoken, the honest-to-God meaning is different again. 

When putting the words back in English, they tight-fisted: “This, is exactly 7”. 

But in Hong Kong, seven actually has a slang substance of “penis”. 

So effectively, the new Apple slogan means: “This, is exactly penis”. 

Surprisingly allowing, the colloquial term isn’t very offensive, more an amusing slant. 

And individual in Hong Kong have certainly found the humour in it. 

A Facebook shaft with more than 40,000 likes has commented: “Without a 3.5mm ear bud jack, this is absolutely penis”. 

It’s not the first time such a mistake has been made in the tech domain. 

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 translates to “a stick of penis” in Cantonese. 

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