Apple has acquired Shazam


Samuel Axon

Apple confirmed today in statements to several usual outlets that it will buy Shazam, pending approval. This message had previously been reported by TechCrunch, which had one source claiming the in stock price was around $400 million—far less than Shazam’s $1 billion valuation at its wear round of funding.

Shazam is arguably best known for its music appreciation technology; tap the “Shazam” button in the app for smartphones and it will usually identify whatever prevarication it hears after just a few seconds. Shazam has become so popular that there’s uniform with a network TV game show called Beat Shazam hosted by Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx. In it, competitors must guess songs faster than Shazam can.

But Shazam has also inducted in second-screen TV viewing features, image recognition, and augmented reality armed forces and products. Shazam’s talent and technology could be used in several of Apple’s outputs and initiatives, including Apple Music, Siri, and augmented reality.

Shazam already unites with Siri. You can ask Siri “what song is this?” while a at a bargain price a fuss is playing externally, and, after a long pause, it will provide you with the rating and artist, along with a “buy” button for Apple Music/iTunes gussied up with the Shazam logo. Currently, the Shazam app grants you to add a song to your Spotify playlist after identifying it, regardless of whether you’re functioning an Apple or Android phone. We don’t know yet what, if anything, will find to that feature because of the Apple purchase.

That guessed, the acquisition is probably about much more than the widely be informed music recognition feature. Shazam has been developing augmented fact features that allow brands to serve up customized ads and transaction chances to users who use the app on visual or aural cues around them. Apple’s Tim Cook has converted it abundantly clear that he expects augmented reality to be one of Apple’s biggest areas of progress and investment. Much of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X’s hardware and software is built with AR specifically in bias, and Apple is even rumored to be working on a pair of AR goggles, though it wish likely be a while before we see those in the market, if we do at all.

Shazam could assistant Apple further monetize these AR features, among other tasks.

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