Apple Electric Car: Concept Photos


Late rumours that suggest Apple may be working on an electric car have uplifted the website carwow to produce some concept images of what the instrument may look like. Speculation that Apple may be in talks to purchase charged vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors inspired the illustrations to have a com re favourably with resemblance. Apple obviously has the ca bilities to produce such a vehicle, so we’ll upright have to wait and see if the rumours prove valid. An electric vehicle would certainly fit Apple’s idol. Scroll down for the photos.

The concept photos feature a futuristic land-locked, large navigation displays, a se rate front ssenger screen, and of conduct, a center-mounted iPhone docking station. We can only assume an Apple car choice be focused on multimedia. The idea also suggests some sort of autonomous hustle ca bilities and incorporated apps throughout. Some imagined specifications encom ss:

  • 250 horsepower
  • 400 Nm torque
  • 4 hour recharge
  • 310 mile range
  • 3 colors

Analysts put ones trust in such a car could be available by 2020. Considering Apple has no experience construct roadworthy cars, it seems some sort of merger with Tesla or another mechanism manufacturer would be necessary for success.



Photo Credits: carwow

Do you contemplate this is a realistic possibility or just wishful thinking? What would they elicit it? The iCar? Leave your thoughts and comments below…

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