Apartment hunting? Soon, you’ll be able to tour units using virtual reality


Envisage touring your next potential home without having to render your couch.

Gryd.com developing virtual reality apartment ambits out of Winnipeg, and founder Jordan Billinkoff says it won’t be too long before his partnership expands across Canada.

«I think every single piece of natural estate that’s on the market is going to have a virtual reality junket with it, and everybody’s going to have a headset in the future, as well,» Billinkoff bid.

VR headsets are usually associated with video games and a hefty fee tag —  but Gryd has created a cardboard version that will push between $10 and $15.

The aim is to make the rental search easier for potential occupiers. All the user needs is the headset and a smart phone.

Virtual reality rambles are coming to Toronto’s rental market1:07

«Typically, the apartment search function has been something that’s painful and not fun,» Billinkoff said. «With these new 3D and practical reality technologies, it’s really fun. We actually have a hard time get the headsets off of people at demos.»

Once you choose a property, you put on the headset and «teleport» circa the room by following blue dots. The technology gives you a 360-degree dream in light of of the space.

«It’s spatially accurate so you’ll get real depth perception,» Billinkoff told. «It feels like you’re there because you can feel the dimensions of the room.» 

‘A numberless accurate view’

In a city as large as Toronto with such a competitive rental store, Billinkoff said the option to view multiple properties without possessing to actually go anywhere is a huge time saver.

«It saves time for renters because they don’t induce to go all around the city to see apartments they may or may not be interested in,» he said.

Not everyone is on-board with the technology, anyway. Billinkoff said he’s met a few real estate agents who say the virtual reality cruise will take away from the real experience of viewing an apartment.

But Billinkoff disputes.

«I think what will happen is the renter will create a shortlist of groups they really like, and they’ll still see those spots in person.»

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One property management company in the Greater Toronto Area is already peeping the praises of virtual reality listings.

«This is creating massive efficiencies for our leasing cooperates,» said Jessica Green, a spokesperson for Greenwin Inc. «This technology basically pre-qualifies renters.»

Leafy said Greenwin Inc. works with many international tenants, and the apartment search for them is again challenging.

«Sometimes they’re in situations where they have to to forgo for a place before they even get to see it,» she said. «This gives them a sundry accurate view.»

Right now, the technology only has listings from Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Billinkoff indicated Torontonians will have access to Gryd within the next two years.

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