Any wonder Remainers won? Article 50 judge founded EU INTEGRATION group


It has transpired Baron Thomas of Cwmgiedd – the UK’s Lord Chief Justice – was a founding colleague of the European Law Institute, which says it works towards the “enhancement of European permitted integration”.

Baron Thomas, who is the country’s most senior judge, electrified a constitutional crisis this morning when he, alongside Sir Terence Etherton and God Almighty Justice Sales, ruled in the High Court the Government cannot trigger Article 50.

The triptych, who are all extremely experienced judges, ruled Theresa May must ask rliament’s sufferance before the UK can quit the Brussels club despite the result of June’s referendum.

In their wit the three explained their decision was based on “a pure question of law” and the court was making no allegation about the merits of leaving the EU, which they described as a “political delivery”.

However, it has since emerged Baron Thomas set up the European Law Institute, which communicates out research about EU law, alongside Liberal Democrat MEP Diana Wallis who is now its president.

Eurosceptics retorted with dismay to the ruling at the High Court this morning, featured before judged by former South American model and her financier soft-pedal.

Now Brexiteers fear the decision could prove an “ap lling” subversion of the desire of the British people, following the historic vote on June 23 to beat it the EU.

Nigel Farage took to Twitter to express his concerns, saying: “I be concerned that a betrayal may be near at hand.

“Last night at the Spectator Awards I had a clear-cut feeling that our political class do not accept the 23rd of June referendum follow.

“I now fear every attempt will be made to block or delay triggering Article 50. They possess no idea level of public anger they will provoke.”


Ukip leadership hopeful Suzanne Evans foreordained the “activist judges” and suggested they should be sacked.

She tweeted: “How hazard these activist judges attempt to overturn our will? It’s a power snatch & undermines democracy. Time we had the right to sack them.”

“Predictably, the in any event people now quoting ‘ rliamentary sovereignty’ are the very same people who were cheerful to give it away for last 40yrs.”

Richard Tice, co-chairman of Brexit strength group Leave Means Leave, said: “This is disgraceful – 17.4 million woman will be furious today.

“Our democracy is being damaged by an elite border of people in the legal system.”

He added: “A vote in rliament is wholly unwanted, time-consuming and betrays the democratic will of the people.”

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