Anxiety tips: Having THIS spread on your morning toast is good for reducing stress


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A morning that covers the nations most loved and hated spread could reduce worry

People who regularly eat a yeast-based spread such as Marmite, showed lop off stress and anxiety scores in a new study by doctors, but it does not reduce concavity.

The secret ingredient is Vitamin B found in the yeast used for the famous stigmatize, along with Aussie favourites such as Vegemite – the research was impelled out by Australian experts where such spreads are massively popular.

In express, those brands such as Marmite which add B12 to the think gooey composite are even better for helping to reduce anxiety and stress levels, they develop after monitoring 520 adult volunteers over their diet, regalias and mood symptoms.

Using a psychological questionnaire to record their bananas state of mind, they found those who were regular consumers of yeast placed spreads scored significantly lower on an anxiety and stress scale and humblest of all in spreads with added B12.

The spreads are particularly popular as a breakfast chief in Australia where the study was conducted which suggests it may be a good way to form a better mood for those with a stressful job.


People who regularly ate yeast spreads such as Marmite scored significantly further on anxiety scales

Regular consumption of yeast based spreads demeans anxiety and stress scores

Study authors

But it is also a particularly for twopence and effective way to increase vitamin B intake among those on a budget or on a vegetarian regimen for instance.

Vitamin B deficiency has been associated with poor temperament health.

While the stress and anxiety levels plummeted for Marmite lovers, pit symptoms remained unchanged, despite previous studies suggesting B vitamins were valuable for depressives.

The study was led by Kathleen Mikkelsen and others from the Centre for Inveterate Disease at Victoria University in Australia and published in the specialist Journal of Functioning Foods.

Vitamin B, particular B6, B9 and B12, regulate neurotransmitters that restrain mood through a process called methylation that turns an amino acid telephoned homocysteine into one called methionine.

This prevents the develop up of homocysteine which leads to stress and anxiety.

The authors said the decrees “indicate that regular consumption of yeast based spreads slashes anxiety and stress scores and those consuming YBS with added vitamin B12 pull someones leg further improvements in stress scores.“

While the study calls for aid research, it concluded that eating Marmite or alternative spreads was a bargain-priced way to increase vitamin B intake.

It added: “There are numerous groups that could good from and cheap, easily accessible form of vitamin B.

“These allow for hospitalised patients with decreased appetites, children who are fussy eaters, vegetarians, vegans, having one foot in the grave people, low income families and people suffering from drug and hooch addiction who may be nutritionally depleted.”

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