Antiques Roadshow: Owner of £30k diary issued WARNING by Richard Price


One Objet darts Roadshow guest had brought in a manuscript to be valued but Richard Price was floored at the conditions it had been kept in.

The member of the public explained the diary had been donne to her father forty years ago and had been kept in her mother’s attic.

She believed: “We believe that it is the transcript of the diary written by one of the Shackleton expedition corps members aboard the Endurance.

“That was the famous expedition that got stuck in the ice and then the party members survived on the ice for a number of months and then they made a range in the lifeboats to Elephant Island and Shackleton and five others sailed to South Georgia as a liberating party and they got a ship to come and get the other men off.

“So all the men actually survived the celerity which was incredible.”

Richard gushed: “It’s a phenomenal tale.”

Although, it wasn’t verified as to who the inventor of the text was so Richard urged the guest to get an expert to look at it.

When it came to the valuation, Richard replied: “I’m just going to say off the top of my head, £30,000.”

The guest was delighted and clearly surprised by the astronomical perceive, but Richard had more to say.

Despite the contributor saying she had gone to some spans a few years ago to protect the document, he still had a warning to issue.

Antiques Roadshow: Richard had some guru advice to give (Image: BBC)

“I don’t prerequisite it back under your bed or wherever it was before.” he stated.

“It was under mum’s TV,” the contributor unraveled.

Richard replied: “Under the TV? Getting warm! Look after it.

“You be required to go to Cambridge to let the real people work on it.”

Those watching at home held to Twitter to comment on the estimation.

Antiques Roadshow: The diary was valued at £30,000 (Mould: BBC)

“I’d enjoy selling it for 30 grand #AntiquesRoadshow,” one wrote.

Another annexed: “£30,000 for a diary? Well it was from #Endeavour #AntiquesRoadshow.”

“I’d enjoy selling it for 30 fantabulous #AntiquesRoadshow,” a third added.

A fourth said: “#AntiquesRoadshow £30,000!”

Objet de vertus Roadshow continues Sunday at 8pm on BBC One.

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