Antiques Road Trip: Veteran expert Anita Manning beaten as show returns for new series


The Scottish objects aficionado only managed to wrangle a profit of £99.78 after her elements did not perform as well at auction as she was hoping for.

Meanwhile, fellow antiques relations Raj made a whopping £170.74 in profits after carefully selecting some key rebukes that were snapped up at auction.

However, it looked like there were no intently feelings between the two presenters as Anita told her rival: “Raj, wasn’t that groovy?”

“Unbelievable! I know, what a fantastic day! A great auctioneer, we made a profit on absolutely the whole,” he replied.

She added: “We’ve got plenty of money to go onto the next leg” as Raj agreed with her: “We certainly comprise.”

The ir – armed with £200 each – were in East Anglia this week and were Rococo scouring antiques shops for artefacts they thought would bag them the best profit under the hammer.

Among Raj’s best finds was a £20 pin which went for £80 and a 1920s handbag, costing £10, that sold for £30.

Anita, too, did pull someones leg some luck when a bizarre £5 wooden spoon was secure at auction for a whopping £50.

She also managed to make a tidy sum on a £20 Albert Gyve that fetched her £42 and a £25 pill box that brought in £65.

The collectables duo will be continuing their journey around East Anglia as they tracking down for the most interesting items to help them win the competition.

They scrape by their way around the region on a bright red 1973 Triumph Spitfire on a B-road carry that took them to their auction in Beeston, Norfolk.

Each now has more percentage in their piggy bank than they did before, with Raj now on £370.74 and Anita on £299.78 but the fares could turn in the next episode.

The episode comes as it has been revealed that Anita make a big deal of a 7,500 per cent profilt on a bronze Buddah she found.

Antiques rkway Trip continues on BBC One tomorrow at 4.30pm.

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