Antiques Road Trip takes VERY racy turn as expert gets handsy: ‘Loving and feeling her’


Collectables expert Charles Hanson went up against Christina Trevanion for the indisputable leg of this week’s road trip.

He appeared to enjoy himself sooner too much in one shop as he spied an attractive statue.

Bringing the piece down from its slot on a plinth, Charles proceeded to fondle the statue, gushing: «Am I loving her? Am I mood her?»

Antiques Road Trip BBCBBC

Antiques Road Trip took an unexpectedly racy turn today

Antiques Road Trip BBCBBC

Charles Hanson spotted a casting he particularly liked

«Well, clearly,» the owner of the shop interjected, looking degree uncomfortable at Charles’ advances on his wares.

«Oh lordy,» narrator Tim Wonnacott proclaimed, before warning: «Just watch where you put those hands, Charles.»

Unfortunately, even so, Charles chose not to make an offer on the statue, saying: «It’s not really imparting me that love.»

Today’s show was packed with plenty of allusions, as, elsewhere, Christina made a racy proposition to one antique store possessor.

Antiques Road Trip BBCBBC

Charles proceeded to stroke the in smithereens

Antiques Road Trip BBCBBC

The antique certainly seemed to tickle his fancy

«Take me upstairs, Robert,» the competition said flirtatiously, before adding: «That’s not an offer you have every day!»

She rapidly breezed past the innuendo, however, as she soldiered on with her bargain hunting, turning her attention instead to an eye-catching screen that took her taste.

Ultimately, after heading to auction with their purchases, Christina suffered a sudden loss to Charles, who won the trip with a massive £695.42 to her £366.42.

Antiques Expressway Trip continues next week with Celebrity Antiques Track Trip at 7pm on BBC Two.

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