Antiques Road Trip: Christina Trevanion left shaken by haunted discovery ‘Oh my gosh’


By Northumberland, the dealer was on the hunt for bargains when she ran into Beryl, who owned a very much creepy basement. 

Christina was stopping at nothing to find the best bibelots she could, and even risked running into ghosts in order to blend her co-star James Braxton. 

Tentatively stepping into the basement, she whooped: “Oh my gosh… Beryl, can we go down here?

“Are there ghosts down here?” she questioned, to which the possessor speedily replied: “Yes”. 

Antiques Road TripBBC

Christina tentatively entered the haunted basement

Antiques Road TripBBC

The haunted basement was also a prize trove

Clearly scared, Christina asked if Beryl would go with her into the hang-out basement as she trawled for the best bargains. 

It was her lucky day as she ran into a very old matched set of wooden ladders, which were full of rustic charm. 

The basement be obliged have been haunted by kind spirits, as she managed to buy the item for £5 and bag a profit of £7. 

What’s myriad, a silver lotus bowl she bought from Beryl for £45 was sold at auction for an impossible £110, helping her to win the week. 

It has been an exiting five days on Collectables Road Trip, with the pair getting involved in a saucy blindfold fake yesterday. 

James’s eyes were covered as he attempted to guess what strange items Christina had given him. 

Antiques Road Trip continues airs weekdays at 4.30pm on BBC One. 

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