Antiques Road Trip CHAOS as dealer is left red-faced after embarrassing gaffe: ‘I’m sorry’


The television play saw Charles and Christina Trevanion embark on a new road trip beginning in Whaley Connection, Derbyshire, before heading to auction in Liverpool.

However, during their journeys, Charles stopped by to meet a collector called Damien Wild where confusion ensued.

Walking into Wild’s shop, Charles introduced himself and foretold: «Good to see you Damien.»

Moments later the expert started to call the accumulator by a random name, much to everyone’s surprise.

Antiques Road Trip CHAOS as dealer is left red-faced after embarrassing gaffe 'I'm so sorry'BBC

Collectables Road Trip CHAOS as dealer is left red-faced after uncomfortable gaffe: ‘I’m so sorry’

Chris? Who’s Chris? Damien! Crikey. He never was one for favours old Charles.

Tim Wonnacott

Chatting away, Charles replied: «Thanks Chris,» motivating Tim Wonnacott to lose it in the voiceover booth and shout: «Chris? Who’s Chris?»

Empty corrected Charles on his first mistake as he rushed to apologise: «Damien! Regretful, Damien!»

Tim couldn’t let the error slide and continued: «He never was one for names old Charles.»

Additional looking around the shop, Charles noticed a chest of drawers that he was hoping to attach a deal on.

Antiques Road Trip blunder Charles Hanson and Damien WildBBC

Antiques Road Trip blunder: Charles Hanson and Damien Desert

Vocation the dealer over, he pointed at the furniture and said: «It’s here Chris. If I come by the chest, what’s the best price? I’d love to buy the chest Chris.»

Realising he’d made the constant mishap again, he yelped: «Sorry, Damien. Sorry Damien, I’d cherish to buy the chest!»

He then added: «I’ve got to be firm and I feel Chris, Damien grim. I feel Damien that the chest Damien at auction is worth £100 to £150 so I’ll ignore it.»

Tim then added: «Damien! Crikey. Well, if you’d remembered his name and offered him a osculation, you might have got there a bit quicker Carlos!»

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