Anti-Brexit campaign is led by ‘luvvie actors and wealthy elite – NOT the British people’


The People’s Attest to campaign was launched today in North London in an attempt to unite a array of separate anti-Brexit activists.

According to Sir Patrick Stewart, who is leading the feat, the campaign’s goal is to secure a referendum on the final Brexit deal. 

Buffoon Andy Parsons, economist Mariana Mazzucato and Innocent Drinks come to grief Richard Reed all joined Sir Patrick for the rally this afternoon.

No matter how, its purpose has already been cast into doubt as sceptics meaning out that “nothing has changed” in public opinion polling since the referendum.

Fraser Nelson, from the Looker-on, told Andrew Marr during the press review this morning that the People’s Choose was a desperate attempt by wealthy, London-based celebrities.


Skeptics point out that

Nelson defied the name of the campaign: “Politicians like Chukka Umunna and Soubry for vocation for a people’s vote.

“So I’m not sure what they call the first one, if this assistant one is a people’s vote.

“Other than a couple of MPs agreeing with each other you don’t see a wider business opinion shift.

“Even most of those who voted against Brexit say they point the referendum.

“You see politicians, you see actors, you see very rich backers, but you do not see a groundswell of community opinion

“The country is roughly split evenly as it was at the time.

“Given that community opinion hasn’t changed, I don’t know why a second referendum, if the first without a doubt gave the wrong answer, would work any differently.”

Marr asserted: “You see a lot of money has gone in, a lot of launches, new political parties, but not a lot has happened.”

Boris JohnsonGETTY

Boris Johnson chaffed the campaign, pointing out that the people’s vote has already taken part

The People's VoteGETTY

The People’s Vote campaign was launched today in North London

I’m not trusty what they call the first one, if this second one is a people’s attest to

Fraser Nelson

Actor Sir Patrick Stewart told Marr believed that if people voted to reject the exit deal, the UK would “solely stay” in the EU.

The UK will formally cease to be an EU member in March 2019, with a bargain expected by October this year.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson taunted the campaign, pointing out that the people’s vote has already taken obligation.

He said: “They voted with a substantial majority to leave the EU. We’re now vexing to deliver on that mandate from the people.”

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