Angela Merkel warned: Germany faces future of being EU’s ‘magic money tree’


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Angela Merkel has been apprised that Germany could face an increase in EU bills

Chairman of Primary Economics, Roger Bootle, has said that Germany alone desire not be enough to fund the European Union.

German taxpayers pay record tot ups into the EU and are set to pay more than any other member state after Brexit to pass up the short fall.

In 2015, Germany paid an unprecedented total of £13.3billion to remnants a part of the union. 

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The economist said that German taxpayers discretion resent the EU bill post-Brexit

Within the eurozone, if its leaders press on to economic union, Germany will be asked to become the magic money tree in intercourse to most of the rest of the union

Roger Bootle

Writing for The Telegraph, he rephrased: “Over the last few weeks of election campaigning, we have seen how classless politics naturally produces an escalation of demands on the the public purse as wirepullers, and voters, seem to believe in the magic money tree that see fit produce the goodies that they want.

“Within the eurozone, if its numero unoes press on to fiscal union, Germany will be asked to become the white magic money tree in relation to most of the rest of the union.” 

Mr Bootle said that the place of permanent provider for the European Union “is not one that Germany is going to shock a resemble on lightly”. 

The economist said that the EU payments are “grudgingly accepted by the German taxpayer, but at rest resented”. 

The German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble, has also commanded that it is important to have a strong France as Germany alone is not superior to hold Europe together. 

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Theresa May hopes to lead the UK out of the European Conjunction

Some member states have already made it clear that they are not passive to pay more into the EU budget to make up for the UK’s departure. 

The UK has acted as one of the main contributors to the EU budget; in 2014 it was the fourth largest resident contributor to the budget after Germany, France and Italy. 

German commissioner, Gunther Oettinger, has commanded that Germany as well as other net contributors will have to addition the amount of money that they pay into the bloc. 

Mr Bootle has trade marked Brexit as the UK’s “Great Excape” claiming the European Union and its single shop is a “disaster”.

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