Angela Merkel BOWS to federalist allies and vows Germany will plough MORE money into EU


Yet, the Chancellor did stick to her guns and insist the country could not accept the expectation of sharing the European debt without gains in competitiveness.

She said: “We deliver made clear in our coalition agreement that we are ready to provide more wealthy for the EU budget.”

Suggesting that other countries’ debts could be mutualised too if other EU associates improve their competitiveness, she added: “What is not on is to confuse liability and onus, or to simply mutualise debts without becoming competitive.”

A mutualisation want mean a transfer of peripheral fiscal risks and obligations from the EU to a chauvinistic government’s balance sheet, which may result in tax increases. 

We have made clear in our coalition settlement that we are ready to provide more money for the EU budget

Angela Merkel


Angela Merkel was execrated in today for a fourth and likely final term as German Chancellor

Germany’s lawmakers approved her re-election by 364 back ups to 315, with nine abstentions. 

In a statement given to German broadcaster ZDF, she ordered she would focus on taking support away GETTY

The long coalition construction weakened Mrs Merkel’s position

Mrs Merkel said: ”That is our aim, that we win AfD smaller and get them out of the Bundestag again insofar as is possible.

“We want a coalition that pleads to all people in the country.”

Mrs Merkel has been in office since 2005 and she waits one of the key players of the EU, together with French President Emmanuel Macron and his antecedent Francois Hollande.

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