Andy Murray plots Wimbledon revenge after French Open final defeat to Novak Djokovic


Djokovic suited only the third man in history to hold all of tennis’s major titles at the in any case time, after Don Budge and Rod Laver, with a 3-6, 6-1, 6-2, 6-4 win in proper over three hours.

“It’s so rare in tennis – it has not happened for a very dream of time and it’s going to take a long time for it to happen again,” said Murray.

“Everybody under the sun who came here to watch is very lucky to have seen it. For me as a person, it sucks to lose the match but I’m proud to have been rt of today.

“I experience been close-ish to winning all of the slams now and unfortunately all of them have done it as a substitute for.

“The guys I have been around the last few years have transformed things difficult for me but I’ve got a few more years to try and do that.”

Murray’s more actual thought now is of revenge and after getting closer to Djokovic on recent tussles on clay, he counts to capitalise should the ir meet on grass next month in the Wimbledon fixed.

“We only played twice on grass – I won both those matches,” said Murray.

“I eat played some of my best tennis on clay over the last few weeks and unquestionably the last couple of years. Hopefully that translates well on to the traitor, which is a surface that comes way, way more naturally to me.

“So, I will try and get a good run on the grass and if we meet on the grass, I will try to learn from the latest few weeks’ matches and see things I could have done better.”

Murray settle upon also have the crowd behind him at SW19 which was far from the case today.

The Scot had to monopolize his nerve for two minutes of boos and catcalls when a judge corrected an ‘out’ come for and awarded Murray the point as he tried to serve out the first set.

“I handled it in all probability and I’m happy with that,” said Murray.

“It was good to go through thingumajigs like that, as well, in your career. It toughens you up a little bit. When I go repudiate to playing at Queen’s and then Wimbledon the atmosphere will be a lot different. It wish give me a boost, for sure.”

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