Android Wear gets updated to Android 8.0 Oreo


Amplify / The LG Watch Sport.

Remember Android Wear? Google’s struggling smartwatch OS is rise up in the world updated to Android 8.0 Oreo, just like the rest of the Android lineup. Google signaled the update on the “Android Wear Developers” Google Plus group. It seems congenial the only supported watch right now is the flagship LG Watch Sport, which frames sense since that was the only watch to get an Android O beta in the dawn of October.

Wear’s last big update was Android Wear 2.0, which was emancipated with the LG Watch Sport the beginning of the year. Most users won’t notify the move to Oreo. Like Android TV, Android Wear has its own interface and set of special attractions that are developed separately from the base OS version. This update to Oreo hard cashes the under-the-hood OS, but the user-facing features will mostly remain unchanged.

Android Adopt has not been doing well in the market. In Q1 2017 the Apple Watch had 57 percent of the shop, according to Strategy Analytics, with Samsung’s Tizen OS in second occur at 19 percent of the market, and Android Wear in third place at 18 percent. The organize is probably undergoing a bit of a shakeup right now, as Android Wear VP of Engineering David Singleton recently hand Google.

As I wrote in the LG Sport Watch review, Wear’s biggest difficulty isn’t really Google’s software but the fact that no one is selling good smartwatch flakes. Qualcomm is the only SoC vendor addressing the smartwatch component market, but it is doing so with woefully out-of-date slivers. The latest, the Snapdragon Wear 2100, is built on a 28nm process, which rearmost graced a flagship Qualcomm smartphone chip in 2014. Apple and Samsung rush at their own chips with a more up-to-date manufacturing process, concluding in faster, cooler, smaller chips.

Oreo is rolling out the LG Sport Regard now, while Google says the timing for other watches is “determined by each guard’s manufacturer.”

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