Android for Work’s demo mode lets mere mortals try out the service


Android for Work—Google’s enterprise-focused dual-persona mode for Android—is a enormous solution for BYODers that need to keep work and personal details se rate. Enable it and Android leverages the multi-user framework to you give your bring into play function and personal sides se rate apps and se rate data, while furnish admins control over the “work” side of the phone.

When I elementary checked out Android for Work last year, setup was impossible (very recently try to find any competing reviews of it out there). Even if you just wanted to see what Android for S ce for was like, you needed to y for a Google apps subscription and jump through 10+ covers of IT admin configuration on the Google apps (Now GSuite) dashboard. It was a mess. To try and fix this, Android for Operate is launching a demo mode called the “Android Management Experience.”

You can unbiased go to the website, tick a few demo options, install the Management Experience app, pore over a QR code, and your phone will kick over into Android for Free mode. From there you can manage the phone through the website.

The website has solely a tiny set of the functionality of Android for Work, but it’s enough to give you the idea. You can whitelist app for jog mode, enforce policies like sswords and screenshot restrictions, and secluded wipe the device.

The project serves its purpose very well—it’s wonderful easy to get Android for Work up and running for demos, which will pirate with sales pitches to various businesses. And of course the last gear on the control nel ge is a “get the full experience” link that hooks you up with a yard sales rep.

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