Andrew Neil LAMBASTS Labour MP as she claims second Brexit vote would UNITE Britain


The BBC Political science Live host responded after Ms McGovern claimed there could be a develop from in place to offer Britons a second Brexit vote in a way that pleasure unite the country. 

The Labour MP argued a so-called People’s Vote longing be the only alternative to Theresa May’s Chequers deal and the prospect of leaving the EU without a buy at all. 

She urged the Prime Minister to “give the public the ability to express their cultured consent» and have the public «ratify» her final deal with a other vote.

Mr Neil said voting against Mrs May’s deal in Parliament at the end of the concordats would not necessarily guarantee a second referendum and would put her constituents at hazard of a no-deal scenario.

Ms McGovern replied: “You’re absolutely fitting. All of this represents a risk, all of this is a risk for our country.

“What we’re upsetting to do is waving the balance of risks and say is there a way to get our country out of this Brexit dilemma in a way that brings the country together rather than having this unswerving situation where we offer no real choice.

“A bad deal or absolutely no transaction.”

At this point, the BBC host questioned the Labour MP on her claim the country leave be united by a second Brexit vote. 

brexit news update andrew neil alison mcgovern labour peoples vote

Brexit news: Andrew Neil dismisses Alison McGovern’s requisition a second referendum would unite the UK (Image: BBC)

You think a second referendum resolve bring the country together?

Andrew Neil

He asked: “You think a support referendum would bring the country together?

“Where were you during the firstly?»

The Labour MP made a veiled reference to her close friend MP Jo Cox who was killed a week previous to the Brexit referendum. 

She replied: “Well, I was in a very difficult situation in reality, bearing in mind what happened in that referendum which I’m guaranteed I don’t need to remind you of.”

Mr Neil agreed, saying the first referendum «not quite brought the country together». 

To which Ms McGovern responded: “But there is a strange way of conducting ourselves in politics.

“There’s a way of all agreeing that we have to do it mastery in the future.

“And I think if we do that then we can have a procedure that caches the deal to the public in a way that brings our public together.”

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