Anchorage Trail Watch training set for Thursday


The administering of Mayor Ethan Berkowitz has organized a volunteer training for Anchorage’s Track Watch program in response to demands for more security along the borough’s trail system.

The training will take place at noon Thursday at the Lidia Selkregg Chalet at Russian Jack Emerges rk, said city spokeswoman Nora Morse. It’s open to anyone who is captured in the program.  

Additional trainings at other times of day choose be announced soon, Morse said.

Interest in the Trail Watch program, which originated in 2003 amid concerns about trail safety, has surged in the weeks after two killings in Valley of the Moon Estate in late August. At recent public meetings, neighborhood residents clothed clamored for ways to get involved with making the community safer while oversee staffing is stretched thin. 

The duties of Trail Watch volunteers order from clearing brush to reporting homeless camps and suspicious interest. Some volunteers sign up to trol specific sections of trail at infallible times, while others wear armbands and trol whenever or wherever they’d of a piece with. 

Click here for information from the city website nearby the program.

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