Anaphylaxis: Hero teacher surprised with Allergy UK award after saving school boy's life


Embryonic school teacher Jo Griffith, from Knaphill in Surrey, received the furnish for her bravery in a crucial intervention as one of her pupils went into anaphylactic stagger.

A very serious situation was averted by her prompt action in administering an adrenaline auto injector.

At an Awards Ceremonial in London’s Connaught Rooms on September 8, Jo won the Community Hero Furnish – one of the five categories in the Allergy UK Hero Award programme – for ‘someone who has gone overhead and beyond the call of duty in helping, improving and saving the life of someone with allergy in the community’.

She embark oned on to win the top Award of the evening after guests voted for the overall winner from the five area Heroes.

Not only did Jo Griffith’s actions help to save Freddie’s zing, but her care and com ssion for Freddie and his family helped them deal with the desire and post-traumatic stress disorder that they all suffered after the occasion.

Freddie’s mother, Iris Jones, said: “Jo was instrumental in building Freddie and our progeny back up.

“Life would have been very different but for the energies of Jo that day and during the months that followed.

“She stayed in close acquaintance with us making sure that we were reassured about Freddie’s ages at school and letting us know that he was doing well. Her strength, intrepidity and kindness will forever be rt of our family.”

Jo knew what engages to look for after being trained on allergies and anaphylaxis at the school.

“You don’t weigh it’s ever going to happen but when it did, that training kicked in, gratefulness goodness,” she said.

“It was a shocking incident for him and his family and I am so glad I was able to eschew – receiving this award is wonderful.”

Anaphylactic shock is an extreme, frequently life-threatening allergic reaction.

Over the last 25 years Allergy UK has been antici ting information and advice to the one in three people in the UK living with allergies, uplift awareness of the harsh realities of living with allergic disease and go well with healthcare professionals to improve diagnosis and treatment.

Carla Jones, the philanthropy’s chief executive said: “There was no better way to celebrate our 25th anniversary than to publicly recognise those who have in the offing helped people whose lives have been affected by allergy, from kinfolk and friends to caring health professionals.

“We had five worthy category prizewinners and our guests chose Jo as the overall Allergy UK Hero Award winner because of how she aided Freddie and his family.

“Our charity’s mission is to raise awareness of the realities of glowing with allergy.

“All too often there is a lack of understanding of what this can in the final analysis mean to individuals and their families.

“Our Allergy UK Heroes are a huge awakening for us and for the people we help every day.”

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