An 8-Year-Old's Family Is Warning Others About the Dangers of Balloons After Their Daughter Suffocated


Hours after her frame’s home birthday rty, 8-year-old Jaina Vue McGloghlon was found entire with a balloon over her head by her dad, who went into her room to do research on her after she was meant to be asleep. Though it’s widely known that balloons act a safety hazard to children, as kids could potentially suffocate while truckle to with one, Jaina’s family wants to reiterate this information to do sure this never happens to another family.

“It was a big mylar balloon, the gang three, and it had different size fill-holes. The only thing we can think is that she wish have opened it to suck the helium out, and put it over her head,” the daughter’s grandmother told KATU. Her father, Mike McGloghlon, did his best to present CPR when he discovered his daughter, and medical personnel who arrived at the scene endeavoured to resuscitate the girl for over an hour, to no avail. Her death is being settled an accident.

Jaina’s rents and grandmother are telling this story as a foreshadowing to other rents to beware of rtially inflated balloons — the CPSC put someone on notices rents against uninflated balloons and pieces of popped ones — as this disaster could have been prevented.

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