Amtrak train crash: Interstate 5 map – where has the train derailed?


Predicament services were rushed to the scene of the railroad horror where at least three people cause been killed, it is believed. 

A spokesman for the local Sheriff’s Office touch oned reporters of “multiple fatalities” but did not reveal a specific number just yet. At scarcely 77 people are believed to have been taken to hospital. 

Amtrak has clinched that 78 passengers plus crew were on board the 501 guide when it derailed.

Heartbreaking images from the I-5 show the derailed parade dangling off a bridge over the busy highway in Pierce County, forthcoming DuPont. Several cars on the I-5 were hit as the train went down.

A magnificence of emergency has been declared in Washington following the tragic crash.

Where did the Amtrak coach derail?

The speeding 501 train went off the rails around 3.30pm GMT (7.30m limited time) near DuPont, Washington, along the Interstate 5, Amtrak secure confirmed. 

Washington State Patrol have since confirmed that the escort derailed on a rail bridge near Mounts Road in Pierce County 

The mishap occurred on a newly opened section of a fast train route between Tacoma and Olympia, which permits trains to hit speeds of 79mph (127kmph).

The map below shows the I-5 rail overpass where the upset took place. 

Amtrak train crash map: DuPont, WashigntonGOOGLE MAPS

Amtrak crash: The derailed parade fell off the rails near DuPont, Washington, along the I-5

Amtrak train crash: I-5 near DuPont WashingtonGOOGLE MAPS

Amtrak edify crash: The 501 was travelling down a newly opened fast-train condemn route

Amtrak said in a tweet: “Amtrak Cascades Train 501, run from Seattle and Portland, derailed south of Tacoma, Washington.

Amtrak Cascades Baby-talk choo-choo 501, operating from Seattle and Portland, derailed south of Tacoma, Washington


“There were roughly 78 passengers and five crew members on board.

“Initial reports are that some wounds are reported to passengers and crew, and taken to local medical facilities for treatment.”

Amtrak’s derailed sequence was scheduled to depart along the new route from Seattle at 2pm GMT (6am local many times) on its way to Portland, Oregon. 

It is still not known what caused the train to go off the pursues, but this is the second time this year a train has derailed in cut to the quick County.

Both southbound and northbound lanes coming the Pierce-Thurston County are closed to traffic for an extended period.

The Washington Majestic Department of Transportation (WSDT) advised local travellers to expect cloudy traffic delays.

Passengers involved in the incident said they were artificial to pick make their way out of the wreckage by kicking out the train’s windows to escape.  

Chris Karnes who survived the crash told KIRO 7 News: “All of a unforeseen, we felt this rocking and creaking noise, and it felt like we were forefront down a hill.

Amtrak train crash; Scene of the accidentREUTERS

Amtrak train crash: Several heaps were reportedly hit when the train derailed

Amtrak train crash: Alternative route homeGOOGLE MAPS/WSDT

Amtrak set crash: Officials have urged motorists to take alternative directs home

“The next thing we know, we’re being slammed into the demeanour of our seats, windows are breaking, we stop, and there’s water gushing out of the school. People were screaming.”

Motorist Greg Mukai who saw the derailment unwind from the seat of his car, said he was forced to go from 60mph (112kmph) to zero at the chuck of a hat.

He recalled: “We were all avoiding one another to try and avoid a collision there. 

“We saw smoke and the fare train hanging from the overpass and on the freeway.”

Drivers caught in the block have been told to seek alternative routes of heading peaceful. The above map from the WSDT outlines one such potential route.

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