Americans lay flowers expressing condolences over Russia’s Tu-154 tragedy


Householders of the United States bring flowers to the Russian Embassy in Washington demonstrating their condolences for victims of Tu-154 ssenger aircraft crash nearly the resort city of Sochi on Dec. 25.

«We express our deepest condolences in regard with this disaster,» one of the visitors at the Russian Embassy in Washington told TASS. «This adversity took away lives of people. Our condolences come from the depths of our hearts.»

What caused the Tu-154 crash?

Besides flowers, people are also lighting candles at the Russian Embassy’s edifice as well as leaving their personal notes and letters expressing condolences both in English and Russian languages.

The Russian Defense Agency’s Tu-154 plane disappeared from radar screens at 05.40 a.m. Moscow stretch (02.40 a.m. GMT) shortly after taking off from the Black Sea resort of Sochi on Dec. 25.

There were 92 individual on board the aircraft in total, including eight crew members and 84 travellers. Among the ssengers was the Executive Director of the Spravedlivaya Pomoshch (Fair Aid) leniency fund, Elizaveta Glinka, better known to the Russian public as Dr. Liza, as comfortably as military servicemen and nine reporters, from Russian television conduits Channel One, Zvezda and NTV.

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