Amazon will run a multi-season Lord of the Rings prequel TV series


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Amazon has got the global television rights to The Lord of the Rings, and the Internet giant has already entrusted to a multi-season TV series rooted in author J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth setting.

Both Amazon’s own smooth release title (“Amazon to Adapt J.R.R. Tolkien’s Globally Renowned Concoction Novels… “) and earlier rumors suggested that the series hand down be a direct adaptation of the books, but that is now confirmed not to be the case. Rather, the series resolution introduce new stories that are set before The Fellowship of the Ring, the first paperback in the trilogy.

Tolkien estate and HarperCollins representative Matt Galsor remarked the series will “bring to the screen previously unexplored stories based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s master writings.” To Tolkien fans, it’s unclear what that means unequivocally. Will characters and situations be based on unpublished Tolkien works? Innumerable of those exist, but the author’s son Christopher Tolkien has been editing and crowning key works in those categories as published books for several years now. It’s unclear what abides.

Alternatively, the series could focus on completely original characters and storylines just set against the backdrop of The Lord of the Rings‘ rich universe. A recent video pretend release, Middle-earth: Shadow of War, took this approach in exploring the myth of a ranger working as an insurgent of sorts in Mordor. However, that match enacted dramatic changes that were thematically dissonant with the begetter material, to say the least; for example, the spider villain Shelob became a explicit woman with a spider motif instead of an actual spider.

No premiere date has been announced, but Amazon’s press release says the series thinks fitting be available to all Amazon Prime subscribers and that it will be part of the occurring Amazon Prime Original lineup.

This could be part of a ampler initiative to focus on big shows that comes down from the top—CEO Jeff Bezos. A Mix report in September said Bezos wanted Amazon’s answer to Stratagem of Thrones in the pipeline, in light of dissatisfaction at Amazon with the progress its Prime Prototypes have made. Former head of programming Roy Price said at the point that Amazon would focus on “big shows that can make the heftiest difference around the world” on Amazon Prime. To date, most of Amazon’s ingenious series have had an art-house or indie ethos to them. Price has since stepped down in the wake of erotic harassment allegations, but the strategy may be the same regardless.

But even as Amazon examines tentpole shows like Lord of the Rings for paying Prime subscribers, the cast is looking downmarket, too. AdAge reported today that Amazon is talking to measure ingredients providers and advertisers about an ad-supported streaming service that would be uncontrolled to viewers and available sans Prime subscription. The company has expressed an percentage in different kinds of programming for that service—like cooking or associate shows. That service would compete with similar relaxed offerings from Roku and others.

To watch The Lord of the Rings, in spite of, consumers will have to subscribe to Amazon Prime.

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