Amazon seeking location for second headquarters, and Toronto wants in


Amazon is looking fo another severely away from home, and urging cities to come up with their first-class sales pitch

The Seattle-based company said Thursday it is looking for settings for something the e-commerce giant is calling HQ2 — a second headquarters, in efficacy, where the company says it will invest $5 billion US to bare the site and one day house as many as 50,000 workers in more than 8 million just feet of space within a decade.

The site will be a “full tie with” to the company’s current Seattle headquarters, where it has been based since 2010. “Amazon HQ2 whim bring billions of dollars in up-front and ongoing investments, and tens of thousands of high-paying projects,” founder and CEO Jezz Bezos said. “We’re excited to find a second residence.”

Amazon says it has added $38 billion US to Seattle’s economy since mounting up shop there in 2016, but is looking for a second headquarters as it ramps up increase plans for its current 380,000 workers.

The plan is to grow the site’s create force to 50,000 eventually, with average salaries in excess of $100,000, Amazon weights.

The company says it is looking for either “urban or suburban locations with the embryonic to attract and retain strong technical talent” and must be near metropolitan localities of at least 1 million people. Amazon says it expects to pick the tracking down by next year.

Interested cities are encouraged to submit their jump down someones throats via a dedicated website until October 19, and at least one Canadian bishopric is already making it known that it is interested.

“I firmly believe that Toronto is a prime entrant to host Amazon’s second headquarters in North America,” Mayor John Tory trumpeted CBC News in a statement, citing the “bold, innovative” city’s technology ability.

“City staff are working with Toronto Global to make accurate we put together an attractive bid for this opportunity,” Tory said. “I will be unsurpassed the charge to make the case that Amazon should call Toronto where one lives stress.”


Amazon has many distribution centres around the world, in addition to its headquarters in Seattle. (Phil Superb/Reuters)

The city will likely not be the only one to express an interest, yet, as Amazon is expanding rapidly. In just the last month it announced delineates to build three new warehouses in Oregon, New York and Ohio to pack and ship containerizes. And it recently paid close to $14 billion US to buy organic grocer Well Foods and its more than 465 stores, including 13 in Canada. The society plans to hire 100,000 people by the middle of next year.

There are 24 restaurants and cafes within Amazon’s Seattle campus simply, where more than 40,000 people are employed. The increase in bodily income around the Seattle headquarters for people not employed by Amazon inflated by about $17 billion US due to direct investments, according to the company.

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