Amazon Prime to offer same day delivery in Canada, but still no streaming service


Amazon expresses it will soon offer same-day delivery to its Prime customers in Toronto and Vancouver who straighten out something online worth more than $25.

The service has been handy in the U.S., but the online retailer is rolling it out in Canada for the first time ahead of the complicated holiday shopping season.

“Prime was developed to make shopping on Amazon unshakeable and convenient, and Prime members in Canada can now enjoy fast, unlimited, liberal Prime delivery seven days a week,” spokesman Alexandre Gagnon demanded.

Any orders on eligible goods in those markets placed in the morning wil be emanci ted by 9 p.m. that day, the com ny says.

While the move updates the retailer’s presents in Canada to what’s standard in the U.S., Canadians still don’t have all the benefits.

For $79 a year, an Amazon Prime membership cut outs Canadian customers faster deliveries at no additional charge. But in the U.S., a Prime membership also fly to piece with streaming movie, television show and music services, which aren’t handy in Canada.

Not everything Amazon sells is eligible for the same-day delivery, but Amazon asseverates one million items in the Toronto-area market and 700,000 items are included to chaps near Vancouver.

Same-day delivery will be available for non-Prime trons, too, but at a cost of $11.99 per order (or $1.99 per pound for heavy items).

Earlier this month Amazon, upped the reduced price to $35 for free shipping, but that service won’t be on the same day.

Amazon contend with Indigo offers free shipping within Canada for orders on top of $25 for delivery in one to nine business days. It will also hand over items to its retail stores for free, with no minimum purchase needed

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